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AC Spindle Forms The Heart Of Electric Motors

Posted by Admin on January, 30, 2020

When you take a closer look at an electric motor, you will notice a small gadget called as Spindle that is connected with a shaft. This AC Spindle motor can be called as the heart of electric motor. This is because it is the rotation of this motor that keeps the shaft rotating. This in turn makes the other machineries to work. In fact, AC Spindle Motor Manufacturers India has today have the reputation of bringing such motors of reliable quality.

Rotation regulated through power supply;

The spindle in the motor operates on what is known as Alternating current (AC). There are motors that can work at varying speeds. This is possible because, the rotation of spindle can be regulated by regulating the power supply into it.

Customized design:

In some cases, the industrial houses may require AC spindle motors to be designed to suit the exclusive operation of certain machineries. In such cases, the AC Spindle Motor Manufacturers India would undertake to customize the design of motor as per the needs of the industrial house.

Other relevant features:

The AC spindle motors are available in different sizes and capacities. A brief insight into these and other relevant features of these motors is briefly discussed here:

In some cases, the industrial houses may need AC spindle motors to work on other machineries with higher capacities. In such cases, the size of the AC Spindle motor will undergo suitable modification depending on its rotation capacity.

As the AC spindle is the heart of the electric motor. Therefore, manufacturers always ensure the spindle is made of superior quality material. The spindle motors are exclusively designed and rugged built to work for long hours. Further, they are also designed to last for several years without causing any disruption of work.

In some cases, the spindle motor may need cooling. This depends upon the design, speed at which the motor rotates and various other factors. The manufacturers have devised exclusive mechanism so that the motors are cooled appropriately.

The motors are less on maintenance. The manufacturers also undertake repair and supply of genuine spare parts for the motors.

Quality control mechanism:

The motors are manufactured under very stringent and multilayered quality control mechanism. Further, the manufacturers always ensure that all safety mechanisms like auto cut off, appropriate earthing are in place. Every motor comes with appropriate warranty. The manufacturers have a team of adequately qualified, trained and experienced staff which ensures the motors are of superior quality.

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