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Stepper Motor Drive (SEA 860H)

Stepper Motor Drive (SEA 860H)


Type Stepper Motor Drive
Material Iron.Metal.Copper
Certification CE Certified
Color Available in Many Colors
Voltage 220V
Usage Industrial Usage
Power 3-6kw
Driven Type Electric
Features Durable
Warranty 1Year

We are credible provider of Stepper Motor Drive (SEA 860H). The Stepper Motor Driver is made from best components and materials, which help in making it durable and efficient in performance. The Stepper Motor Driver is equipped with the imported module to realize high frequency chopped wave. Stepper Motor Driver is featured with constant current driving, very strong anti-interference performance, good high-frequency performance, high starting frequency, optical isolation between the control signal and internal signal, current in optional, simple structure, stable operation, and less noise. Stepper Motor Driver can drive all 85BYG85BYG90BYG series two-phase Hybrid stepping motors with currency less than 5A. It takes 32 bit DPS technology. We use the newest control algorithm to reduce the noise and vibration in a large scale when the motor works. It has the characteristics of low noise, low vibration, low temperature rising, etc.

The voltage of the motor driver is AC 20-80V or DC 24V-110V. It is suitable for all the 2 phase stepper motor whose current is below 6.0A. It has 16 kinds of microstep segmentation. The steps of the maximum segmentation 1/256 are 51200 step/rpm. The average working current scope is 2.0A-6.0A. The output current has 8 grades. It has the defective function of semi-automatic flow, self checking, overvoltage, under voltage and over current.

The Main Application Fields
It is suitable for every kind of large automation equipment and instruments, such as Labeling Machine, Cutting Machine, Packing Machine, Plotting Instrument, Carving Machine, CNC Machine, etc. It has very good effect especially on the equipments which are expected by the user whose cost is low, the vibration is small, has high accuracy and the speed is fast.

Industrial Applications :

  • Stage light
  • Automation
  • Instrument
  • POS machine
  • Engraving machine
  • Bill printer
  • Industrial decal printer
  • Semiconductor diffusion furnace

Characteristics :

  • The maximal current of each phase of the driver is 5A. The current is adjustable in 16 steps
  • Adopting the over current resistance patented technology
  • Equipped with imported electric and electronic components
  • Half current in optional
  • All input signals undergo optical isolation
  • The motor phase current is sine wave

Control signal input connection :
In order that the control system and the driver can communicate normally, avoiding the interference each other, we isolate the input signal with the optical coupling device inside the driver. The internal interface circuits of three signals are same. The common mode is 1) Common anode mode: Connect CP+. DIR+ and EN+ terminals together as the common anode terminal, which is then connected to the external system +5V. The impulse signal is connected to CP- terminal. The direction signal is connected to DIR- terminal. The enable signal is connected to EN- terminal. 2) Common cathode mode: Connect CP-. DIR- and EN- terminals together as the common cathode terminal, which is then connected to the external system GND. The impulse signal is connected to CP+ terminal. The direction signal is connected to DIR+ terminal. The enable signal is connected to EN+ terminal. 3) Differential mode: Direct connection.

If the voltage of the input signal exceeds +5V, the current limiting resistance R must be added in the external circuit to ensure providing 8 - 15mA drive current to the optical coupler inside the driver.

Current Regulation : DIP SWICH : ON=0 , OFF=1

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0 0 0 2.00A 2.40A
1 0 0 2.57A 3.08A
0 1 0 3.14A 3.77A
1 1 0 3.71A 4.45A
0 0 1 4.28A 5.14A
1 0 1 4.86A 5.83A
0 1 1 5.43A 6.52A
1 1 1 6.00A 8.00A


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