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Stepper Motor

We are a Maharashtra; India based organization, involved in providing perfectly designed and strong constructed Stepper Motors in the global market. The product basket is inclusive of Geared Stepper Motor, Closed Loop Stepper Moto and Hybrid Stepper Motor. The entire lot is tested for quality and operational fluency prior to final dispatch. Interested buyers can acquire our highly efficient Stepper Motors in any quantity and tailored specifications as and when required.

A stepper motor is a device that is used to achieve precise positioning via digital control. This device operates by accurately synchronizing with the pulse signal output from the controller to the driver. With their ability to generate high torque at a low speed while minimizing its vibration, stepper motors are ideal for applications requiring fast positioning over a short distance.

The stepper motors are designed in various sizes ranging from milliwatts to hundreds of watts. The stepper motors applications have a wide range. Some of the applications of stepper motors are given below.
  • As the stepper motors are digitally controlled using an input pulse, they are ideal for use with computer-controlled systems.
  • These devices are used in numeric control of machine tools.
  • They are used in tape drives, floppy disc drives, electric watches, and printers.
  • The stepper motors are also used in X-Y plotter and robotics.
  • They have a wide application in textile industries and integrated circuit fabrications.
  • Stepper Motors are also used in spacecraft launching for scientific explorations of the planets etc.
  • These devices also find a variety of commercial, medical and military applications and also utilized in the production of science fiction movies.

Being the best stepper motor supplier and manufacturer in the market, we ensure the product quality and examine these motors on quality provisions before delivering to our customers. Our offered motors are acclaimed for its durability, easy maintenance, and optimum performance. Contact us to get these stepper motors at a great price.

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